In Memoriam

In the past two weeks, two former students died, leaving an indescribable grief that runs through our corner of the NYC homeschool world.

Daniel Zuzworsky, “Class of 2016” was a kind, gentle presence, a talented actor and singer, and dazzlingly creative. He loved MTG and DnD, and was one of the deepest thinkers I’ve ever met. He died unexpectedly in a traffic accident on January 27.

Alioune Fall, “Class of 2018” was a kind and gentle presence, too, but also a boisterous one., absolutely full of life. He was also a talented actor and filmmaker, a lover of memes and politics, founding member of CONTROVERSIES, Marvel fanatic, and Game of Thrones fan….before the eighth season, of course. We spoke just after Daniel’s death, and then he died on February 3rd from a lifelong battle with sickle cell.

Although they were just in their 20s, the impact that they left on our world is immeasurable. They helped to repair our very broken world.

Our community is in mourning.

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