This is the fourteenth year that I’ve run classes for the New York homeschooling communities.  I’ve watched my students grow up to attend college, finish college and head to graduate school, start businesses without college, travel the world, create mind-blowing works of art, and, most importantly, enjoy their lives.

Many people ask about the philosophy, structure, and expectations of my classes, so here is some more information:

-I believe strongly in providing students with a liberal arts education.  No matter what field you enter, the liberal arts provide an avenue for critical thinking that is necessary in our world.  Homeschooling is a perfect avenue for providing a liberal arts education, as the public school system has moved into more career-based training rather than a 2,000 year old proven method.

-History is the backbone of the liberal arts.  It is essential to know history, not so much to support the cliche of “history repeating itself,”  but to understand what it means to be a human being in a global world.

-Understanding history means also understanding its primary sources, rather than textbooks which have interpreted the primary sources for the student.

-Literature and the arts are indispensable to understanding our human story.   We read great works of literature in my classes, and make the New York city museums our second homes.

-The human story is a global story.  It is irresponsible to teach Western-only history.   This does not mean that Western history is unimportant.  It means that Western history is one part of a global story, and does not stand on its own.

-ALL approaches to learning are welcome.  I hope that homeschooling families approach my classes as a compliment to what they’ve structured- or unstructured- at home.  I’ve had anarchist homeschoolers, religious homeschoolers, radical unschoolers,  neurodiverse and differently abled homeschoolers, reluctant homeschoolers looking to return to the system, etc.  — you name it.  All are welcome.

-Class Community:  my classes are secular, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, and anti-antisemitic spaces.  This does not mean that we shy away from uncomfortable topics, but we approach them with strength, and respect for students.  

-Not into classes?  I also provide one on one tutoring and guidance for those families who prefer this approach — just let me know!

-I also guide self-directed learners who are working on specific projects and plans.

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