Some extra information, news stories, suggested projects, links to sites..I developed this site to accompany the classes I teach for the homeschooling community, but everyone is welcome to learn a bit about history and the world here!

8 responses to “About

  1. I think I am going to get my son, Michael involved. This is an excellent resource, Wendy. I did not know about this blog!

  2. Kim Holmstrom

    Hi Wendy!
    I just came upon your site as I’m looking for some things for my 12 year old son. He has only been out of public school for 3 months. We still have not found our groove but hoping. Ranching out will help with that. Where does the Ancient Americas program take place today? Just trying to find out way…

  3. Hi I’m interested in being on your email list for info on programs. I’d also like to reach out about possibly forming a class with a group of homeschoolers, if you have time in your availability. Thank you!

  4. Marianne Kresevich

    Hi – I just moved to NYC with my 11th grader. How do we register for your classes?

    • Hi Marianne! Welcome! The Friday classes met last week, and Tuesday begins tomorrow (most are $350 for 1.5 hrs, $250 for 1 hr). All are on Zoom. If you send me your email and a background on your son, I’d be happy to send specifics on a particular class. You may want to check out NYCHEA, one of the big homeschool organizations in NYC for other classes and offering. There is a LOT going on in homeschool world for teens!
      wendyraver@hotmail.com or professorwraver@yahoo.com

  5. Hi Wendy, Due to Covid my 15 year old, 10th grade son will be homeschooling this year. He is interested in your Art and Society Class. Is the class appropriate for a 10th grader, and if so is there still space in the class? Thank you, Pam

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