NOTE:  You can find current classes here as noted, but most of the descriptions and detailed information are available via email, or through NYCHEA, Chialist, and HomeschoolNY lists.  This is to protect the privacy of our students, as we are not a school

  • Program in History, Languages and the Arts

A four year cycle of museum based classes:

Year One:  Ancient Civilizations, Late Ancient Empires, Ancient Americas

Year Two:  Greece, Rome, Pre-Christian Europe  WE ARE HERE, 2022-23

The Fall semester focused on Greeks, the Winter session will focus on ROME

Year Three:  Medieval History from the Western Perspective, Medieval History from the Eastern Perspective,  Renaissance

Year Four:  Early Modern and Age of Revolutions, Modern World

Classes can be taken at any time in the cycle.

  • Art and Society. RUNNING FALL 2022

A year long survey of art from specific themes, such as identity, belonging, political issues, gender, psychological issues, power, and more.  Students help construct the syllabus from their interests and needs.

  • Women and History  RUNNING FALL 2022

A year long survey class on women in history and anthropology, from ancient history to present issues

  • Paranormal and History RUNNING FALL 2022

A year long world history class focusing on paranormal events and how they relate to history.  Topics include ancient religions and the paranormal, haunted castles (and what caused them to be “haunted”), battlefields, aliens and Cold War paranoia, etc.

  • Espionage and History  RUNNING FALL2022

A year long world history class built around the use of espionage

  • World Wars RUNNING FALL 2022

Beginning with World War I, a history of the events and repercussions of the World Wars


AP Honors style classes based on the curricula, but with adaptations to meet the interests of students — we cover the test but don’t teach to the test

  • GOVERNMENTS offered FALL 2022

Taught before or will be taught in the future…

  • Environmental World History

Coming Fall 2023:  A year long class on the effects of the environment on world historical events

  • Peopling the US 

Coming Fall 2023:  A year long US history class focused on the various groups comprising North America.

  • Facing History and Ourselves

A year long class focusing on genocide and human rights.

  • Losers of History

A world history survey class focused on the losers, rather than the winners, of history

  • Geology and History

We focus on the history of Planet Earth, but also the importance of rocks and minerals in human society: tools, statuary, architecture, industry, status objects, and ways in which humans have changed the record.  We cover the basics of geology, as well as world history and the effects of mining, quarrying, and natural disasters

  • History and Science Interconnections

A year long class on history and science: the role of cultivation, drug use in religious societies, dendrochronology, genetics, and more.

  • Issues in Social Studies

with focuses in Europe, Pacific, Africa, North America, South America, and Asia.  Physical geography, human geography, politics, economics, environmentalism, mapping and statistics

  • Greek and Latin Roots of English and BEYOND

The origins of the English language through its Greek and Latin roots, as well as Germanic, Hebrew-Yiddish, Bantu and non-Bantu

  • United States History from the Native American Experience

A year long class focusing on the history of the United States, from the earliest Native American migrations to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • World History Through the African Perspective

A year long class moving through world history, but from the perspective of Africa.  We start with the earliest African civilizations, and move through Africa historically and geographically while keeping in mind what is happening outside the continent.  Special focus on ancient societies, Medieval and early modern period interconnections, resistance to colonialism, and Pan Africanism.

  • Holocaust and Human History

A year long class based on the Facing History and Ourselves curriculum, tightly focused on what happened during the Holocaust, the before and after, World War II, issues of belonging, and human rights.

  • Secular Bible

A year long class reading Bible from perspectives of history, anthropology, literature, and ethics.  Absolutely no religious background required or expected – this is strongly secular

  • Justice and Injustice

A year long class exploring issues in justice and injustice, through history, philosophy, law codes, international law cases, Supreme Court cases, and current events.

  • Anthropology and History of Magic

A museum based class on the various interpretations of magic:  divination, alchemy, transformation, spells and more

  • History of Weapons and Warfare

A year long world and US history class using warfare and weapons as a focus point.

  • World Cultures

Elementary level class on anthropology and sociology based at the American Museum of Natural History

  • Lord of the Rings in History and Literature

An in depth study of the trilogy as well as Silmarillion, with links to the Volsung Saga, Kalevala, Tolkien’s experience in World War I and II, and more.

  • The Hunger Games and History

Four classes devoted to specific themes in the Hunger Games and how they relate to world history.

  • Film and History

Analysis of contemporary film and the history it represents.  Films have included Apocalypse Now, Life of Brian, Night and Fog, Hotel Rwanda, The Help, Pirates of the Caribbean, Inglorious Basterds

  • Game of Thrones and History

Museum based one off classes focusing on the history that inspired the books and television shows

  • Doctor Who and History

Museum based one off classes focusing on the history surrounding specific Doctor Who episodes.

  • Rick Riordan at the Met!  Rick Riordan at the Brooklyn Museum! 

Museum based one off classes focusing on the history and mythology of the Rick Riordan worlds

  • Marvel, Mythology, History and More

Museum based one off classes focusing on Marvel characters and themes.

  • Star Wars at the Museum

One day classes which focus on the inspiration behind Star Wars, from the anthropology of Wookies to the Third Reich.

  • The Civil War and History

A series of museum based classes focused on the American Civil War

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