Homeschooler Happenings

Check here for some of the meetups, parties, events and other happenings organized by homeschooling teens!  I help to supervise and secure space for THEIR plans and ideas.  If your teen has an event idea, please reach out!

Some of the ideas and plans for 2022-23

  • Welcome and Meetup Kickoff in Central Park We had TWO and they were awesome! 
  • Not Back to School Picnic (not my event, but organized by NYCHEA and open to all)
  • Controversies Club Running strong!
  • College Preparedness 101 meetups with our homeschool alumni. We did it in early summer and will do it again!
  • Yearbook, if there is interest
  • Annual Halloween Party We did it in Central Park!
  • Eastern State Penitentiary tour for some haunted history First visit set for early January! 
  • Open Mic. We held two in 2022! More to come!
  • Spring Party
  • Travel to Costa Rica, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and possibly other places of interest (COVID situation pending)Broadway Show Group Buys, COVID situation pending
  • Mock Trial at NYLS tbd
  • PROM
  • Graduation 2023

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