What’s going on…

Ukraine’s history is old. Mesolithic cultures along the Dnieper, Tauri warriors of the Crimean peninsula, Scythians and Sarmatians, Viking strongholds, Medieval Kievan Rus, Mongol jurisdictions, Poland-Lithuanian-Hapsburg-Ottoman divisions, Bolshevik control, Stalin’s famine, World War, and independence. Ukrainians have fought for thousands of years, and will fight with all of their hearts.

We have many Ukrainian families directly affected by the invasion. We also have many Russian families heartbroken over the invasion. Some of my Hunter students have friends and family in the military, both sides.

Here is a goddess whose emblem was discovered at Kul-Obo, in the Crimea. She represents one of the many warrior images from Ukraine, from the Scythian culture that both united the territories we call Russia and Ukraine today, but showed its distinct divisions, too.

Wishing for peace.

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