What is plagiarism?  What is academic dishonesty?  What is FERPA?  How do you cite sources, and what is the difference between MLA, APA, and Chicago?  What is a peer reviewed source, and where do you find them?  How much math will you need?  Will your IEP count in college?  What if you need more accommodations?  What should performing arts majors expect?

Come to this three-day class and get informed, and get your questions answered!  We will address the issues above, and answer any questions you have about what colleges expect incoming students to know. 

Unfortunately, college professors have witnessed an increasing number of students entering college without knowing about these issues, and failing out their first year, or expecting results that cannot happen, i.e., getting parents to send emails, expecting a passing grade even if they don’t show up to class, etc.  No matter where you are headed and no matter what your major is, this class covers the basics of “what to know before you go” as well as how to handle college research NOW if college is a few years away.

Three Fridays:  June 4, June 11, June 18.  12:45ish-2 pm.

Please reach out if interested!

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