Wrapping up 2020 and the ZOOM transition

I’m wrapping up the 2020 “school” year, and what did these kids learn, even though it was through Zoom?

-How to discuss ideas when the point of view is different from their own

-that teens can be trusted to explore their educational goals and needs

-Practical legal terms in the realm of justice and injustice, as well as cases that changed the world

-Literature through close readings of Shakespeare and Thomas More, including the nasty parts

-Details from the Constitution often overlooked

-Dynamics of world revolutions up to Haiti, guillotines and all

-Roots of racism and antisemitism, and a history of Africa often overlooked in mainstream history classes

-the politics of museums (as well as seeing some stunning artworks)…and that art can be healing and powerful

-how talented their fellow homeschoolers are

-the dirty parts of Genesis

-the best way for a cat to Zoombomb a class

-what happens when you don’t properly secure a blender top (inside moment for one particular class)

-that if your internet freezes, the world does not end

-that sometimes, you just need to wrap your hair into pre-French Revolution styles

-how to win big time in Kahoot and other games

-how to sneak a nasty name as your Kahoot identity

-fortitude, dealing with adversity, navigating choices in a situation they didn’t ask for and didn’t expect

-Community. Patience. Hope.

I love 2020 for these reasons, and I love my students. Feeling pretty lucky right now!

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