One Day Classes for JULY!


How Do We Look: Art and Image through the Ages will be offered next.  This class is loosely based on Mary Beard’s book, How Do We Look, and applied to the Met’s collections on Egyptian, Greek, Mesoamerican, West African, Christian, Islamic, and Renaissance Art.  How do the Met’s “masterpieces” convey meaning? How is the human figure shown?  Why is this controversial in different historical periods?  What does this tell us about culture and about ourselves?

Proposed Dates:

Tuesday, July 2 11-1 pm  Younger students (7ish and up)

2-4 pm  Tweens and Teens

Thursday, July 11  1-3  Teens

Friday, July 19       5-7 pm High School



Shifting the Gaze:  African Identities in Art begins with Titus Kaphar’s painting, “Shifting the Gaze” at the Brooklyn Museum and then examines other works of art, from antiquity to modern, that bring into question Eurocentric bias.   It’s a bit of art history, a bit of colonialist history, and a walkthrough of one of the most spectacular museums in New York.


Proposed Dates:

Thursday, July 11

5-7 pm  High School

Wednesday, July 24 

1-3 pm  Tweens and Teens





The Empire of TIBET offers another perspective, as does the Rubin Museum.   I will be holding a one day class on FRIDAY, JULY 12 from 6-8 pm for our teens who want to explore the Rubin, the concept of empire, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibet’s neighbors, and current political issues facing Tibet, China, and the region at large.




Interested?  Let me know at for more information!

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