Classes Offered


FALL 2019

Email me for more information about these classes, including registration and locations!

MEDIEVAL HISTORY (Fall:  from the Western Perspective;  Winter:  from the Eastern Perspective;  Spring:  Renaissance)   Various age groups


US History and European History AP/Honors Style  (High School)


ISSUES in the ANCIENT WORLD (Orientalism, Gender, Race, Colonialism, and More)  (teens)

GOVERNMENTS (various ages)

The UNIVERSE (various ages)

Please reach out to me directly for more information, or consult the New York homeschool lists (Homeschoolny, NYCHEA, Queenshomeschoolers)


Controversies is a weekly meetup for teens interested in discussing politics, social issues and more.  It is not a formal debate class or team (for that, please see the postings offered by Michael Rhea, who hosts a popular debate class and debate team, the Word Warriors).  In Controversies, teens pick the topic and discuss in a (hopefully) respectful manner with their peers.  Free speech and open dialogue is stressed, and, yes!, there is usually an abundance of differing views.  I serve as the adult moderator, and do not interject my views or opinions, but keep the peace.

Controversies Club will be held on Tuesdays 5:30-7 pm